Round Yard, Retford ParkArtists at Retford Park, Bowral

Next exhibition coming in April 2019

Join us, the Artists of the Round Yard, for our second exhibition at Retford Park. ‘Old Favourites’ pays homage to all things kept and cherished. Here it’s our own favourites, works we’ve created and loved. The exhibition opens this April, then returns for a single weekend in May. Old Favourites joins Retford Park’s Made in Australia event on the 11 & 12 May 2019, when expert appraisers assess your cherished pieces of Australiana.

Participating artists:

Peter Baron, Leanne Booth, Mark Callaghan, Martial Cosyn, Clayton Hairs, Tracy Hopkirk, Mark Kelly, Adriana Mendivil, Tracey Miller,  Sonja Millis, Scott Pollock, Tracy Ponich, Jessica Raschke, Penny Sadubin, Penny Simons, Anthony Springford, Britta Stenmanns. 

What’s comes next in 2019

Meanwhile we are also back in the studio, working on our November 2019 event. Watch here for the news, or we’ll bring it to you. Subscribe for the Artist of the Round Yard newsletter.

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