Artists of the Round Yard Inc.


18 April – 26 May 2024

This Autumn, join us at Retford Park, Bowral, to celebrate Life’s Essence with a drop, a vessel, and a Sea of New Works with another significant exhibition by Artists of the Round Yard members.

The WaterWorks exhibition by the Artists of the Round Yard showcases responses to this essential element from six of our artists using various mediums of expression: painting, ceramics, jewellery, puppetry and sculpture.  All artworks will be for sale, and a percentage of all sales will support the work of the National Trust (NSW).

Water in the environment inspires, creating models of ponds, creeks and seaside cliffs.
Robyn Rumpf, sculptor.

Ponds and dams are eyes to the skies, reflecting clouds, wind and rain patterns. A harmonious ecosystem of plants, frogs, insects, migratory birds, fish and the microorganisms within keep the water fresh
and alive.
Toni Warburton ceramist and painter

Inspired by its life force, I see clouds and raindrops, fish, and I see boats lost on a wild sea.
Tracy Hopkirk, sculptor and jeweller

Water, life on the edge of hope and horror. Watching rivers rise and fall, will the water be kind or cruel?
Sue Wallace, puppeteer and sculptor

Water moving over rock is fundamental in the creation of all landscapes. It is a force that can be infinitesimal, ponderous, or explosive.
Brock Sykes, painter

Flow like water, and you’ll find your way through any rock (quote from unknown)
Helen Oprey, painter

Open Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm 


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